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10 Proofreading Tips for Error-Free Writing

August 31, 2017

Scanning a document is not enough; the eye and the mind can both be very easily fooled into thinking that a mistake is correct, especially if you have not had the time to rest before you begin the proofreading process. God forbid you be asked to type up a marketing report or dictate a budget or tax document and misplace a decimal point without catching it during the proofreading process! The outstanding administrative assistant exercises a very precise and human touch over the materials that he or she produces in order to make sure that they are truly error free. This white paper contains 10 tips to aid the admin in this endeavor. Learn: How getting away from technology can aid in proofreading How to focus on one type of error at a time How to read the document mechanically

10 Ways to Use Smartphones to Improve Workplace Efficiency

June 30, 2017

For those looking to increase the efficiency of their entire office, generally via an administrative assistant position or one of office management, the tools and capabilities of today's smartphones are virtually limitless. Even so, there are ten particular ways that smartphones can dramatically improve office efficiency, building on years of progress that was originally made by office workstations and personal computers. Before assuming that these devices are only as good as their phone and text messaging applications, consider the following major advancements in smartphone technology and office efficiency that are transforming workspaces around the world. Learning Objectives - Why sometimes the best workplace isn't the workplace - About the advancements in smartphone technology in recent years - 10 ways to use smartphones to become more efficient in the workplace

Get Organized: Strategies for Cleaning Up Your Desk, Your Schedule and Your Email

June 2, 2016

As an administrative professional you are in charge of keeping your boss on track. The best way to ensure that everything is running smoothly is to make sure you are organized. De-cluttering your work life creates a more efficient work flow. This white paper will offer simple solutions that will help you increase productivity and decrease work-related stress. In this white paper you will learn: - 3 tips on making your desk a powerhouse of productivity - 4 steps to effectively organizing your schedule - 5 actions to keep your inbox streamlined and efficient

Miscellaneous 1099 Issues

September 3, 2015

Foreign persons are generally subject to U.S. tax at a 30% rate on income they receive from U.S. sources. However, no withholding under section 1441 or 1442 is required on income that is, or is deemed to be, effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business in the United States and is includible in the beneficial owner's gross income for the tax year.

10 Helpful Online Tools for Administrative Assistants

June 27, 2013

Even a decade ago, the use of online tools was far less common among those in the profession at large. Today, though, the use of everything from tools like Basecamp to a web-based version of QuickBooks has extended beyond the walls of tech startups and into everyday life. The excellent administrative assistant is one who can identify these tools, pick the ones most relevant to their company's daily operation, and implement them either for their own use or for use by the broader organization. For those administrative professionals looking to do just that, there are at least ten key tools and pieces of web-based software that should be treated as real game-changers for the daily ins and outs of company operations. Web Applications for Office Different Google Apps for Business Upcoming Changes for Mobile Apps Tools for New & Existing Administrative Assistants