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Bystander Training: Helping Employees Step Up and Step In

OnDemand Webinar (31 minutes)

Learn how to safely respond to hostile behaviors and promote respect and civility in the workplace.Approximately 30,000 complaints of the 90,000 complaints received by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission include an allegation of workplace harassment. That's right - one-third (1/3). In 2014 the EEOC recovered $164.5 million dollars for workers alleging harassment, and that is just the direct costs. Therefore, organizations are looking for ways to engage their workforces by promoting respect and civility in the workplace and stepping up to go that extra mile to help a co-worker, customer, or even a stranger that needs help. Training your teams in how to safely respond to hostile behaviors is one of the first steps your organization may provide to send a clear message that hostile behaviors are not acceptable in your professional environment. This topic will explain the definition of the bystander effect, what it means to be an effective bystander, five action steps to prepare your personnel to take action, and some strategies to engage your personnel into stepping up.


Cheryl Grazier, M.S.I.D., M.P.A., Cheryl Grazier Consulting LLC


Bystander Basics

• Objectives

- What Is the Bystander Effect and Does It Apply to Businesses?

- Provide Resources and Tools

- Provide Time to Think About Intervening

• Why Don't People Speak up?

- Fear

- Assume Management Won't Care

- Don't Want to Get Involved in Organizational Drama

• What Does It Mean to Be an Effective Bystander?

- Notice the Event

- Interpret the Event as a Problem/Emergency

- Accept Personal Responsibility

- Know How to Help

- Implement the Help

Intervention Strategies

• The Five Ds

- Delay

- Delegate

- Document

- Direct Discussion

- Distract

• Dos

- Identify Unacceptable Workplace Behaviors (Code of Conduct; Code of Ethics)

- Identify Repercussions for Unacceptable Behavior (for Everyone in the Organization)

- Allow Anonymous Reporting

- Create Mandated Reporters Within the Organization

- Maintain an Open-Door Policy

- Protect Against Retaliation

- Update Training

• Don'ts

- Don't Escalate the Situation

- Don't Do Nothing

Questions/Answers, What Now, and Closing