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The Dos and Don'ts of Sales Follow Up

OnDemand Webinar (53 minutes)

Learn tried-and-true techniques for following up with sales prospects while avoiding mistakes that result in the loss of a potential sale.A major issue for salespeople is how and when to follow up with a potential buyer. Most salespeople leave the prospect without the necessary follow up to define their case and close the sale. This topic will include the time frame to call back, what to say on those follow-up calls, how to leave a message, when not to call back and what the prospect is saying when they don't call you back. Finally, we will discuss the first call that creates the scenario.


Stephan Schiffman,, Inc.


Introduction to Sales

• Why People Buy

• Stop Chasing Them - They Won't Buy

How to Get Through

• Who Do You Want to Meet With?

• Can You Get a Referral?

How to Differentiate Your Company From the Competition

• When All Else Fails

• Can Your Manager Really Help You?