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Microsoft® Excel® Formatting Issues and Techniques

OnDemand Webinar (94 minutes)

Learn valuable techniques to help you format your Excel® data.For over 30 years, Microsoft® Excel® remains a go-to for most business professionals but there is more to a spreadsheet than just numbers. Visual appeal is crucial for understanding data, it isn't just about making them look good. It is about adding importance and impact by drawing attention to critical information. An Excel® spreadsheet should be easy to read and follow, but not at the expense of efficiency or productivity. Develop your skills to stand out from the crowd and make your spreadsheet easier to understand. Watch, learn, and practice the most important techniques to get the most from Microsoft® Excel®.


Lauritta Sowa, WiseOwlOps, Inc.


Fast Tricks

• Formatting

• Formulas

• Shortcuts

Color and Move Tabs

• Organization

• Cross Worksheet Formulas

Cell Styles and Conditional Formatting

• Consistency

• Flags and Coloring With Formulas


• Freeze Panes

• Print on All Pages

• Hide Gridlines

Manage Data With Tables

• Automatic Updates

• Formulas

• Format

Apply Filters

• Showing Relevant Data

• Data Cleansing

• Color Coding

Create Dashboards

• Rules of Style

• Using Templates