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Research Tips, Tools and Techniques for Today's Administrative Professional

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Learn to instantly and dramatically improve your Google® search skills and find online information earlier, faster, and smarter.Even if you've been using Google® for many years and think you're search savvy, you'll be guaranteed to walk away with scores of practical Google® lessons that can be immediately applied, deliver measurable results, and serve you forever in both your professional and personal life. Find out how to unlock hidden menus and filters in the Google® results page, compose advanced search queries, customize Google® for maximum speed and security, uncover 10x more information in a fraction of the time, automate your online research, gather knowledge in 70 languages, tap scores of little-known search Google® tools and apps, and much more. Nontechnical, easy to understand and fun, this topic will show you how to mine hundreds of rich content streams in the vast Google® universe, and how to interpret all these signals in their proper context. You'll quickly acquire search superpowers that will take your information literacy to the next level and transform Google® into your backup brain, robot assistant and ambient sidekick.


Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC, CITP/FIBP, Garrett Wasny Professional Development


How to Build a Deep and Solid Google® Foundation to Optimize Your Online Reputation, Visibility and Security

The Best Browser Extensions to Improve Your Google® Experience and Performance

Must-Have Mobile Apps That Fully Tap Google®'s Vast Global Brain

How to Interpret Google® Search Results in Their Proper Context and Recognize Google®'s Key Blind Spots, Biases and Preferences

How to Search Google® in Four Dimensions Using the 4C (Cluster, Channel, Context and Country) Method

How to Automate Your Online Discovery and Get Google® to Deliver Information to You

How to Uncover Surging Business Opportunities and Hotspots in Real Time

How to Become a Google® Super Searcher in Three Easy Steps