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Cash Flow Modeling During COVID-19 and Responsive Solutions in Times of Limited Cash Flow

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Learn real-time solutions to times of limited cash flow in a pandemic and how to recognize the current state of your business with cash flow modeling.Companies are stuck trying to react to the current COVID-19 environment. Like with any economic downturn in a current business environment most executives are focused on cutting costs with without consideration of long-term damages. We want to discuss what changes to make now to increase shareholder value. This presentation will benefit controllers, CFOs, financial executives and management teams in mid-market companies as they focus on improving company performance and cash flow.


Theran J. Welsh, CPA, SVA Certified Public Accountants


What Is the Current State?

• When You Look at Your Current Accrual Financial Statements What Did They Tell You About the Success of Your Business?

• Is It Still the Right Time to Focus on a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement?

• What Are You Doing With Your Current 2020 Projections?

What Are the Pitfalls to Avoid as You Work Through COVID-19?

• What Metrics Are You Current Relying on for Improving Your Business?

• Is Your Entity Choice a Current Weakness?

• Does Your Current Compensation Plan Restrict Your Growth Possibilities?

• Are You Analyzing Your Current QBI Income Calculation for Maximizing Deductions?

Why These Steps Work to Improve Cash Flow

• We Need to Review Our Assumptions for Improving Profitability

• At This Time, What Are the Four Best Practices for Improving Cash Flow?

• What Is Important Input for Developing an Accurate Cash Flow Forecast?

• A Case Study Example