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Developing a Business Growth Strategy

OnDemand Webinar (80 minutes)

Learn how to create a successful, data-driven growth strategy and why doing so is crucial for business success.Are you on Team Change (let's go!) or in Camp Stay the Same? Many businesses want to grow their bottom line but do not know where to start or just hope to grow naturally over time. Business growth is an important strategy and requires creating and maintaining a well-thought-out growth strategy. This topic will help the business leaders and entrepreneurs identify if they are ready for growth or if they are stuck in a rut that could lead to the demise of their business. The topic also explains the method for identifying your unique value proposition, understanding new markets and the risks and rewards of business growth.


Wendy Dutenhoeffer


The Growth Imperative

• Growth Policy

• No Growth Policy

• Changing Markets/Trends

• Why?

Are You Ready for Growth?

• Resources

• Infrastructure

• Time

Know Your Market(s)

• Demographics

• Cultural

• Competition

• Ideal Customer

What Is Your Unique Value Proposition?

• What Does It Do?

• Defining Your Value Proposition

• Examples