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Contractual Obligation During a Pandemic - Does Your Business Have to Comply?

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn to assess your outstanding responsibilities in current business contracts and how to identify possible solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.Many businesses are facing unexpected and seemingly insurmountable hurdles in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among one of the top concerns is how businesses are supposed to honor and fulfill outstanding contracts with vendors, manufacturers, customers, renters, and contractors. Businesses must learn how to adapt quickly to unprecedented circumstances without breaching contracts and ending up in costly and time-consuming litigation. With many governors declaring states of emergency, issuing stay-at-home orders, and requiring many businesses to shut down or severely limit their activity, businesses in every sector are stuck in tough situations. This topic will help businesses assess their outstanding responsibilities and how to navigate these trying times with skill and confidence. The information will explain critical contract terms, including force majeure, which can aid companies in evaluating what contracts requirements are still enforceable or may be excused due to unforeseen circumstances. The information will also highlight examples of contractual issues different industries have faced in recent weeks and offer guidance on how to best position your business in the face of contract disputes related to the pandemic. Every business needs to understand its contractual obligations and remedies as shelter in place continues to make it difficult for businesses to operate normally.


Koral C. Fritz, Innovative Law Group Mark Zietlow, Innovative Law Group


Understanding How Force Majeure Clauses Can Excuse or Delay Performance Under a Contract

• How Pre-Existing Contracts May or May Not Account for a Pandemic

• How Courts Interpret Force Majeure Clauses

• How to Assess Possible Penalties for Late Performance

• How to Suspend Performance of a Sales Transaction or Contract

• How to Draft Force Majeure Clauses Moving Forward

Exploring Exceptions to Maintain Operational Performance

• Critical Infrastructure

• Essential Business Activity

Analyzing the Effect Upon E-Commerce

• Terms of Sale

• Digital Signatures

Identifying Industry Specific Concerns

• Manufacturing Supply Chain

• Events and Entertainment

• Real Estate

• Food Industry

• Finance

Evaluating the Effect Upon Information Technology Transactions

• Smart Contracts

• Blockchain Technology

• IoT Machine to Machine Transactions