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Common Legal Issues and Threats Against Businesses

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how to deal with common legal issues and threats against businesses in order to protect yours.Legal issues interrupt the flow of business and employee lawsuits can be expensive to defend. Even if a company wins a lawsuit, legal fees could exceed $10,000 for each case. In the U.S., employees have more rights than most other industrialized nations. Agencies such as ADA, ADAE, OSHA, and Civil Rights were designed to protect employees. Even though most states have a terminate at will stipulation, it does not protect company's acts of discrimination. This topic will cover the ten most common basis for business lawsuits today. You will discover that most of them can be avoided by being diligent in recordkeeping, hiring and firing practices, and open lines of communication. You will learn about hostile work environments and the very real danger of retaliation. This information will help you know how to identify disgruntled employees and to recognize signs of discrimination or harassment. By practicing the ideas given during this topic, you will likely have lower turnover and less legal entanglements.


Karen A. Monsen, Caldwell East & Finlayson, PLLC


Employee Relations

• Hiring

• Teleworking

• Privacy Issues

• Firing

• Post-Termination

Vendor Relations

• Privacy Issues

• Contract Issues

Customer Relations

• Privacy Issues

• Contract Issues

• Cybersecurity

• Social Media Risks

Investigations, Audits and Other Governmental Visits

• Fraud

• Safety

• Labor