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Communicating With People Remotely via Skype®

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Learn to effectively use Skype® and its various tools for communicating remotely.

As we are becoming more of a global economy and workplace, people you need to work with may be in different offices, different cities, different states, and even different countries. Many more people are also working from home. Travel can become very expensive and time consuming and can be limiting in other ways as well. The need for collaborating and meeting online has become very necessary in today's business community. Skype® is an excellent solution that is really starting to catch on.

This information will show you how to use Skype® effectively. It will show how to set up your meetings, how to invite others into your meeting, how to chat, how to share and collaborate on files, how to share your screen and other great features. This topic shows you how to use this great tool, a skill that is becoming very necessary in today's work environment where people are working from different locations, yet still have the need to work together.


Tom Fragale, The PC Guy, Inc.


Creating a Skype® Meeting

• Setting up a Meeting

• Inviting Other People

Hosting the Webinar

• The Skype® Interface

• Connecting Your Microphone, Headset, Camera

• Muting/Unmuting/Managing Viewers

• Sharing Your Camera/Screen/Content

Viewing the Webinar

• Connecting Your Microphone, Headset, Camera

• Using Chat

• Requesting Help

• Troubleshooting