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Be Confident: Tips for Staying Poised During High Pressure Situations

OnDemand Webinar (62 minutes)

High pressure situations are unavoidable - learn how to effectively handle them.This topic will help you work within boundaries and maintain self-control during trying times. Whether searching for a job or already having one; poise, demeanor, reliability, and language choice all play a part in the important role that each of us play in corporate development. Learn how to maintain with anger management and realistic caring, and learn how to manage the people around you in a way that benefits both you and the company. Your ability to take control is there but the road is a hard one. Let this information help you to respectfully appreciate the personalities around you, but to manage yourself, and direct others, as a leader, whether you are a CEO or a new hire. It is time for you to make your mark on the business world and in today's business world, a control over both behavior and language, with increased listening and problem solving skills, will make you valuable in any operation. From an educational perspective, this topic aligns with multiple state and national assessments pursued within higher education, adult and distance learning programs for re-trenching and re-training, and multiple workforce re-entry skill sets expected by employment agencies nationwide. Make no mistake; language is power, especially in difficult times. This content will help you to harness your leadership strength.


Thomas M. Eaton, Ed.D., Eastern Wyoming College


Explanation of Poise and Its Historical Meaning

• Engaging Positive Leadership

What the New Market Says

• Interviewing Online vs. Interviewing in Person - Keeping Your Cool

You've Been Hired

• How to Negotiate the Diversity of the People That You Serve

Adaptive Listening Skills

• Content, Content, and Intent: A Lesson in Verbal Content, Social Context and Real Intent

Maintaining Poise in Stressful Situations

• How to Interpret What Is Said Against What Is Really Being Said: The Cool Head in the Crowd

Being Professional All of the Time

• The Game That Must Be Played: Dress, Attitude, and Language - Building the Perfect Mental Wardrobe and How to Do What Others Won't

Introduction to Resources