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Business Model Strategy Techniques Based on Data Analysis

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Plan for your business's future based on real data measurable goals.Business modeling strives for correlation of actual performance and predictions. They defend actionable strategies and deliver economic value for revenue and costs. Modeling is a valuable tool used to improve and innovate. Objectives, measurable goals and a controlled process lead to success in the most difficult of times. Master business modeling and analysis techniques transform bottom-line results. View demonstrations in Microsoft Excel®'s sophisticated analytics or use any of the abundant software programs available. Understand probabilities with Bayes' theorem, trends, and Monte Carlo simulations.


Lauritta Sowa, WiseOwlOps, Inc.


Business Modeling

• Vision and Recommendations

- Values in Time of Crisis

- Resources and Controls

• Consequences

- Systems

- Ownership

- Governance

Levels of Strategy

• Types of Business Models

• Traditional vs. Hybrid

• Plan of Action

Value and Growth

• Corporate Value

• Functional Value

• Future Direction

Data Strategy

• Plan of Action

• Data Governance

• Business Model Canvas

• Do Your Homework

Modeling Tools

• SMART Goals




• Product/Market Expansion

• Strategies for Growth