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Best Techniques and Practices for Working With Disorganized People

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Create a positive work environment by learning about different work styles, communication styles, and problem solving styles.There are many different work styles, communication styles, problem solving styles, etc. The reality is that each of us has our own mixture of styles that are comfortable for us - maybe not so comfortable for others we work with. There are times that someone's reaction to how another person works or solves problems could be comfortable today and be upsetting to you tomorrow. Here's your magic wand for this topic, real-world solutions that work, a variety of techniques (you need to have several) to work with people, maintain a good relationship and get things done, within the designated time budget.


Donna Baylor, TRANSITION Seminars, Inc.


Define Disorganized

• What's the Problem?

• Is It Really a Problem or Is It?

• Whose Problem Is It?

It Starts and Ends With Communication

• What You Say and How You Say It

• Learn to Ask Questions and Listen to the Answers

• People That Are Working by Their Own Internal Clock

When You Are Working Remotely

• It's Harder/Easier Than You Think

• Dealing With Co-Workers/Clients/ Family

• Managing Your Time and Workload