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Error-Free Writing: Sharpen Your Grammar and Proofreading Tools

OnDemand Webinar (73 minutes)

Are your words an accurate representation of your professional ability? Discover how to say what you mean.Good grammar is essential to clear communication. When you know how to use it correctly, you boost your credibility and your audience's ability to understand your message. If you find yourself tangled up in to/too/two or your/you're or even where to slap the apostrophe for a plural, then this topic is for you. In fun and easy steps, you will learn ways to remember which is what and who is whom. You'll know when to back off of the comma and when one would actually use the word "myself." You will finally be able to send out flawless emails, reports, and memos that make you look like the professional you want to be.


Melanie Hope, Hope Speaking LLC



• The Hierarchy of Punctuation

• Using Punctuation to Change the Tone of Your Message

• The Mighty Comma and Where/How to Use It


• Pronouns vs. Amateur Nouns (Where Do the Apostrophes Go?)

• The Dynamics of Me, Myself, and I

• Choosing Who or Whom

• Fun Ways to Remember the Right Word for the Job

• How to Make Plurals

The Proofreading Checklist

• How to Do a Quick Edit

• Recognizing the Most Common Goofs and Typos

• When to Ignore the Squiggle