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Common Reasons Good People Provide Bad Service

OnDemand Webinar (46 minutes)

Learn the steps you can take to identify and turn around bad customer service before it is too late.Many organizations don't realize they have a bad reputation in customer service until it is too late to turn it around. In this day and age, it doesn't take much for a company to lose business because there is so much competition. Not having processes in place for addressing issues in a timely manner will lead to bad customer service, loss of profits, low employee retention and a damaged company reputation. Identifying if the problem is isolated to a person, department or is a systemic problem will provide a basis for how to approach the issue as well as maintain sales and sustainability over time. In this topic you will learn the initial steps you can take to identify and turn around bad customer service in your company before it is too late. You will learn tips on how to implement procedures that will work to ensure excellent customer service. This information will help you recognize strong internal communication and increase success and profits.


Irma Vargas, V1H Consulting


Consequences of Providing Bad Customer Service

• What Are the Signs?

• How to Mitigate the Problem

• Who Is Watching?

The Ugly Truth

• Employee Retention Drops

• Profit Loss

• Tarnished Reputation

How Does a Company Bounce Back?

• Repairing a Reputation

• Is the Issue Isolated or Systemic?

Pivoting the Business

• Swot Analysis

• Identify Opportunities

• Implement Processes


• Retraining as an Option

• Revisiting the Company Vision