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Venue Selection: Guidelines for Superior Offsite Meetings and Events

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Gain an understanding on how to pick and utilize an appropriate venue for your business event, as well as, making the best of a pre-selected venue.Too often persons tasked with producing events, organizing dinners, or setting up meetings make the mistake of overlooking or ignoring venue selection as a key element of success. Whether it is a simple gathering of people for a meeting/workshop or a weekend festival, selecting the best place to hold this event can make all the difference in the world. Those times when the venue is pre-selected, knowing how to make a bad venue work is critical. This information will lay out all of the considerations to be examined when selecting a venue. This exploration into venue selection will also show you how to prioritize when evaluating all aspects of a venue. What is the most important thing to consider? Is this priority always the same? Regardless of whether the venue is outdoor or indoor or whether you will be staging an elaborate three day conference, a street fair or an intimate meeting for your sales team, knowing what to look for and how to deal with issues of cost, capacity, location and other elements, this information explores the key elements in venue selection that will determine success.


James P. Reber, James P. Reber Fundraising Consulting & Special Event Producing Services


Venue Selection Basics

• Point of View

• Primary Considerations

• The Essential Elements

Key Cost Influencers

• Built-in Costs

• Byo Elements

• Program Costs

Other Elements

• Peripheral Elements

• Adaptation

• Media


• Prioritize

• Focus on Purpose

• Be Creative

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