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Boost Productivity Utilizing Google Suite Applications

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Learn multiple variations on how to utilize Google® Suites to be most efficient.Google® Docs and Sheets offer a host of ways to make collaboration and version control a streamlined and fast process that makes emailing back and forth a thing of the past. From simple office potlucks to essential marketing documents and secure contracts, Google® Sheets and Docs allow for collaborators to make changes on the fly, revert to previous saves, chat live in the to document, and pull information from other documents and Analytics and AdWords.


Mike Grill, National Readiness And Response Center


File Sharing and Version Control With G Suite

• Using Google® Docs and Sheets to Collaborate and Save Time

• Why Google® Docs and Sheets?

• Creating the Documents

• Adding Collaborators and Sharing

• Document Capabilities - Pulling Information From Analytics, Adwords, and More

• Version Control and Reverting to a Previous Version

• Adding Comments, Chatting, and Live Updates

• Saving, Exporting, and Further Sharing With Non-Collaborators