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Error-Free Writing: Sharpen Your Grammar and Proofreading Tools

OnDemand Webinar (70 minutes)

Are your words an accurate representation of your professional ability? Discover how to say what you mean.Most white-collar business professionals already have a basic understanding of English grammar and a general handle on the rules for effective written communication. Many, however, have either forgotten about, or grown rusty, in using many of the skills they once learned. Others have not yet learned many tips that could polish, refine, and take their writing skills to the next level. Many more are kept from realizing their potential as professional writers because confusion exists regarding correct grammar usage, proofreading best practices, and the tools that can make them masters of the English language. This topic will not only refresh your mind on past lessons that have atrophied in your mind, it will also get you up-to-date on fresh new material that will reinvigorate your desire to become the best business writer you are capable of becoming.


Jordan Jensen, Ed.D., Freedom Focused LLC


Our Crazy English Language

• A Little History

• Sentence Structure

• Grammar Rules

• The Dictionary: Your New Best Friend


• Editing vs. Proofreading

• Syntax

• Content

• Formatting


• Spelling

• Capitalization

• Punctuation

• How to Proofread Like a Pro

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