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Trademark Tips Without the Lawyer Fees

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Join us for your comprehensive guide to be able to look up trademarks without paying a lawyer.Business owners and executives have a lot of decisions to make and the brand of their company might be a lesser concern. Many times, the protection of a trademark becomes a priority solely after another entity begins to conduct business by taking advantage of the goodwill that you have worked hard to build over a period of months or years. This topic helps business people to understand that forming a business is not the same as registering a trademark. This information will teach the importance of selecting a proper trademark, its correct use in association with goods or services, and it will explain why a trademark might be the most valuable asset that a business can have, and teach how to protect a trademark and how to renew a registration to avoid its abandonment.


Sorana Georgiana Ban, Clark Hill Strasburger


What Is a Trademark?

• The Difference Between Copyright and Trademark

• The Meaning of Owning a Trademark

How to Select a Trademark

• The Difference Between a Word and a Logo Trademark

• The Different Types of Trademarks: Arbitrary, Suggestive, Descriptive and Generic

• The Trademark Clearance

How to Use a Trademark

• The Goods or Services Associated With a Trademark

• The Correct Placement of a Trademark in Advertisement or Packaging

• The Marking Notice

How and When to Register a Trademark

• United States

- Federal

- State

• International

How to Maintain a Trademark

How to Buy or Sell a Trademark

How to Enforce a Trademark

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