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Build Value Without Discounting Prices

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Learn to negotiate value over price so that discounting becomes unnecessary.Price is often the primary consideration when customers are making a purchase. However, research indicates price is least on the list of other important things to consider, i.e. company brand, terms, or service. When selling your highest price product and the customer jumps to discounting price you will know how to be better prepared to show more value and ready to negotiate. Know how to negotiate value verses price is critical to maintaining profit margins you cannot afford to lose.


Stepp Stevens Sydnor, TurnAround Solutions Inc


Attitude Towards Negotiating

• Know Why We Don't Negotiate More Often

• Cultural Differences and How They Negotiate

• Chinese, Japanese, French Cultural Negotiating Differences

Discover How to Uncover the Buyer's Perspective and Need

• Negotiation Starts With Understanding What the Other Party Wants

• Example: How to Discover the Other Party's Desire

• What Are the Things We Negotiate?

• Four Negotiation Outcomes

Know How to Create Win-Win Outcomes

• How to Create a Win-Win Outcome

• How to Create a Position of Power

• Example: Charlie's Story

Understand How to Discover Negotiating Power Points to Avoid Discounting

• How to Discover Key Power Points

• How to Use Power Points When a Request for Price Discount Is Presented

• Example: Vendor Selection Criteria

Discover the Most Common Negotiation Tactics and How to Counter

• Discover the Five Most Used Negotiation Tactics

• Know How to Counter the Five Most Used Tactics

• Know to Prepare to Negotiate