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Customer Service Upselling: Best Practices to Capitalize on Every Call

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Turn every call into a sales opportunity with reduced turnover, positive attitudes and value-based selling initiatives.As more and more customer needs are met by self-service options, the personal interaction between a service representative and a customer represents a great opportunity for outstanding service and sales. What does it take to capture this opportunity on every call? Learn how to successfully train and motivate reps to incorporate selling into their service calls. Discover proven ways to increase revenue from incoming calls, how to transform attitudes with value-based selling, how to reduce turnover with skilled, confident, motivated frontline employees, finally overcome rep resistance and how to build and sustain a culture that turns order-takers into rain makers.


Andy Elkind, The Elkind Group


Open the Door to Sales

• Stop Trying to Delight Customers

• Decrease Customer Effort

• Build Customer Relationships

Turn Any Call Into a Sales Opportunity

• Provide Value-Added Service: ESP

• Integrate Sales and Service

Moving Beyond Order Taking: Making Sales Fun

• Provide Practice - and Make It Fun

• Key Service to Sales Skills

• Provide Effective Feedback

• Build Fluency and Confidence

• Develop Sales Managers Skills

Transform Attitudes: Develop a Sales Culture

• Develop Sales Leadership and Coaching Skills

• Define High Pay-off Coaching Activities

• Develop Sales and Service Incentives and Rewards