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Strategies to Manage a Chaotic Workload

OnDemand Webinar (72 minutes)

Don't stress over interruptions and procrastination; learn how to effectively plan to get the most work done in your day.The pressure of doing more, having less time, worrying about keeping your job, getting promoted or the unknown of what if in today's world has got us chasing our tails. There's no doubt, that the pressure created by juggling all these things can affect your workload. There are simple solutions to these complex situations, simple solutions that allow you to take back control of your workload. Help others and get recognized for your effort and accomplishments.


Donna Baylor, TRANSITION Seminars, Inc.


Focusing on the BIG Picture

• Maintain Focus

• Office Politics

Commit to Self-Mastery


• Time Management

• Seeking Outside Support

Prevention Tools

• Ask Questions/Produce Solutions

• Choices

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