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Crafting an Opening Value Statement

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn the importance of an opening value statement and how you can use one to benefit your next sales appointment.Sales professionals are often excellent at their product knowledge, what to do AFTER they get the order and even prospecting. All of those things are excellent (...and you want them to be great at those skills.) but if you do not CAPTURE the potential prospect right off the bat then none of the other stuff matters. It becomes like an awkward dance. You want to dance and the prospect may want to dance with you but they aren't really sure why they would or how. This topic is designed for helping you learn how to craft an Opening Value Statement that is tailored for the person you are in front of (...or on the phone with). These statements are not one size fits all - they may have similar content - but the ones that REALLY work are the ones that are crafted in a way that the prospect knows you care about them and really want to help THEM with their business.


Debbie Mrazek, The Sales Company


Benefits of a Powerful Opening Value Statement

• Define Purpose/Desired Outcome

• Clarify Audience

• Focused Solution vs. General Introduction

• Recipe for Success

Creating an Opening Value Statement That Wows

• Engaging Questions

• Outline: Facts vs. Fiction

• Your Story

• Results That Matter

Delivery Mastery in Your Opening Value Statement

• Practice Makes Perfect

• Feedback and Edits

• Mastering the Message

• Knowing Next Steps