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How to, Like, Stop Using Filler Words

OnDemand Webinar (66 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of why filler words are used and proven techniques to eliminate them.Do you know you are using filler words and need help cutting them out of your life? Using those fillers too often can cost you a business deal, squander your interview and prevent you from getting a raise. You know great communication is imperative, but when you are communicating face to face, you find yourself with a habit of using fillers in like every form of communication with, uh, no end in sight. Whether you use meaningless words or sounds in day to day conversation, when called on in a meeting, or when giving a speech, this topic gives you hope for becoming a great speaker. This information will teach you the various forms of filler words, many you may not even know you're using, and how utilizing certain techniques of a great speaker and building confidence can help you rid yourself of those useless words forever. You'll learn a 4-step process to vanquishing filler words and discover numerous tactics to aid you in kicking that habit to the curb. Don't let useless words cost you money. Learn the techniques to start eradicating filler words today.


Erin Ray, Greater Business Practices



Defining What Makes a Good Speaker - and How We Use These Techniques to Avoid Writing Filler Words Into Our Presentations

• Grammar

• Body Language and Facial Expressions

• Volume

• Using Eye Contact

• Tempo

• Confidence

• Recap

Let's Define Filler Words

• Utterances

• Reassurance Words

• Adverbs

• Personal Filler Words

• Repeating Words

Stop Using Filler Words Action Plan

• Step 1 - How Often Are You Using Filler Words?

• Step 2 - Identify When You Are Using Fillers

• Step 3 - What Caused You to Use Your Filler Words?

• Step 4 - Practice Your Presentation Skills

Best Tactics to Use With Your Action Plan

• Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice

• Work With a Partner or a Coach

• Memorize Quotes and Statistics First

• Pause Often

• Record Yourself Giving or Rehearsing a Presentation

• Visualize Yourself as a Confident Speaker

• Mirror Practice

• Relax Before Speaking

• Impromptu Speech Practice Slips

• Join a Local Toastmasters International Speaking Group

• Tongue Twisters