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Intermediate Payroll for the Administrative Professional

OnDemand Webinar (65 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the values and benefits of payroll laws and knowledge for administrative professionals.Government agencies, including the Department of Labor and IRS, are increasing their enforcement and audits. Administrative professionals are often the ones who are tasked with completing payroll, keeping records, ensuring compliance, and responding to government investigations. This topic is intended to assist administrative professionals to help ensure compliance with payroll laws and be prepared in the event of a government review. The materials will cover taxable and non-taxable fringe benefits, the Affordable Care Act, reporting and forms, how to conduct an internal payroll audit, how to address employee complaints, and dealing with DOL investigations.


Julie A. Pace, The Cavanagh Law Firm


Broad Definition of Duties of Payroll Administration

• Areas Encompassed

• Taxable and Non-Taxable Fringe Benefits

• Affordable Care Act Penalty Calculations

• Tips and Strategies for ACA Reporting and Forms

• Compliance With Wage and Hour Rules

• Travel Time

• Review of Timecards or Time Records

• Classification of Workers as Exempt or Non-Exempt

• Document Retention Periods Required by Law

• New Hire Reporting

Handling Complaints by Employees

• Paycheck Audits

• Other Types of Complaints

Responding to Government Inquiries

• Handling SSN No Match Letters

• Handling Third-Party Inquiries About Identity Issues