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Communicating Phrases and Styles That Help You Message With Power, Tact and Skill

OnDemand Webinar (68 minutes)

Want to increase your influence, impact and leverage with your customers? Discover successful communication tips and techniques.Imagine a different outcome the next time you interact with a disgruntled co-worker/team member, overbearing boss or the rude, complaining customer. Is a different outcome EVEN possible? Our roles at work and in life bring us in contact with a wide variety of people, sometimes those encounters help us move forward and sometimes they create stress and disappointing outcomes, for us and for those we encounter. Relationships matter, with co-workers, team members, supervisors and oh yeah.......the CUSTOMER. People talk from their frame of reference and people hear from their frame of reference. Is there a way to better understand what others mean, can we communicate in a way that helps others understand our message better? If you're looking for some tips, techniques, words and actions YOU can take to improve, change and grow your relationship with others, promote outcomes that are a win-win for you, your co-workers, your company and yes your CUSTOMERS this is the training to invest your time in. Your co-workers want it for you, your supervisor needs it for you and your customers DESERVE it from you. Why? Because you matter! Reward yourself and learn these tips.


Lloyd Lofton, LUTC, 7 Figure Sales Tools


Identifying Irrational Beliefs That Interfere With Effective Communication

Work or Project Communication Strategies

Listening Skills to Enhance Communication

Asking Questions That Build Understanding

Does Our Voice or Body Matter?

5 Ways to Communicate More Clearly

7 Words That Change Minds

5 Phrases That Inspire Confidence

This Is a Test- Play Along With Us

Examples of Communication and Their Consequence

The Results: Better Understanding, More Engagement, Results That Matter

• Identify Beliefs in Others and Ourselves That Change Relationships and Outcomes

• Craft the Words That Help Others "Hear" What You Mean and Help You Understand Others

• What Are Your Own Examples of Issues and Solutions?