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Do's and Don'ts of How to Succeed in Corporate America

OnDemand Webinar (80 minutes)

Learn about things that you should never do in the workplace and what you should always do for your company.

Most people entering the workplace truly have no clue about how to BEST handle themselves in the office environment. They either have ideas that they learned in their past jobs which could have been part time positions or never thought about it at all. Companies all have their own culture, some not so great. However, as a leader in the organization you must step up and lead by example and not allow your staff to act improperly even if they observe this in other areas of your organization. Having been a manager for the past 25 years within three organizations I have seen many behavioral instances and how they were handled within these organizations. Not all were handled properly due to several reasons such as: people did not like dealing with conflict, the HR team was weak, the Union contract allowed for certain things that management did not know how to deal with. You will have the tools to help you manage situations and it will allow you to stand out as a leader in your organization. You will learn how to manage your staff and develop your team to grow and work in a culture that your employees will look forward to working in.


Ronald A. Sereika, CooperVision


What Is the Culture in Your Company? Does It Function as One Team or Are There a Few Leaders and Everyone Else Contributes?

• Get to Know Your Boss - What Is Important to Him/Her

• Is Your Department as Efficient as It Could Be? How Can We Change It?

• Complete Changeover of Credit Department and How Best to Do It

Things You Should Never Do in the Work Place

• Why You Should Never Do Them and the Consequences of Those Actions

• If You See Any of These Actions in Your Company What Can You Do?

• How You Can Be a Better Leader by Knowing What Not to Do and Educating Your Team

What You Should Always Do for Your Company to Be a Strong Successful Leader

• Understand Your Team and What Their Life Is Really Like

• Do the Hard Work at Review Time, Do Not Take the Easy Way Out

• Why Being a Great Listener Is the Best Thing You Can Do