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360-Degree Feedback Best Practices: How to Implement a Successful 360 Survey Process

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how to create a 360-degree feedback program the right way.

360-degree feedback is a powerful development process that creates self-awareness and motivation to improve. This research-based topic provides best practice information on how to use 360-degree feedback the right way to improve leadership effectiveness and accountability in your organization.

Learn the best practices for each step of the process - choosing the right competencies and behaviors, choosing the right raters to provide feedback, keeping the process confidential, reporting on the results, coaching best practices and action planning on the results.


Darrell Harmon, MOB, DecisionWise


How to Sell 360-Degree Feedback in Your Organization

• 8 Reasons Why We Need Feedback

360 Feedback Survey Design

• Standard vs. Customized Surveys

• 5-Point vs. 7-Point Likert Scales

• Choosing Competencies and Behaviors

• Choosing a Survey for Different Levels of Leaders

• Using Derailers

• Using Open-Ended Questions

Selecting Raters

• Overview of Rater Groups

• Best Practices When Selecting Raters

• Best Number of Raters


• Setting Expectations

• Rater Group Size

• Reminders

• Outsourced vs. In-House Tools

• Delivering the Report

360 Feedback Report Interpretation

• Demographic Summary

• Competency Summary

• Using Benchmark Comparisons

• Identifying Gaps, Strengths, Areas for Development

• Identifying the Theme/Story From the Results

Using Group Results

• Development vs. Performance vs. Succession Planning

Potential 360 Feedback Coaching Resources

• When to Use an External Coach, HR, Boss, and/or Peers

Reactions to Feedback: SARA Model

Research on the Impact of Coaching

Coaching Best Practices

• 7 Steps to Ensure Success

• The 360 Feedback Follow-up Process

How to Create a Timeline