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Clear and Persuasive Business Writing 101

OnDemand Webinar (47 minutes)

Learn helpful techniques to improve your business writing to be more professional, clear, and confident.In this increasingly diverse business world, clear and concise writing is essential if you want to get anything done. Too often writers in the business world are so concerned about how to temper their delivery that the message itself gets obscured or even negated. How do you reach multiple personality types while remaining professional and direct? How do you get people to buy into the new process or a great idea? This topic will teach you how to write in a logical, clear, and professional manner that still speaks to the human reader.


Melanie Hope, Hope Speaking LLC


How to Make Your Message Match Your Intention

• Pinning Down the Message That Must Get Through

• Learn the Very Important Difference Between Persuasion and Manipulation

• Find out When and How to Answer That Frustrating Correspondence

How to Effectively Reach Your Diverse Team

• Learn the Focus and Concerns of the Four Basic Personality Types

• Discover How to Tap Into Your Team's Diverse Learning Styles to Most Effectively Deliver Your Message

• Use the Communication Hierarchy to Reach Your Entire Team at Once

How to Eradicate the Most Common Writing Errors That Muddy Your Message

• Get Rid of the Three Worst Habits That Accidentally Negate Your Message

• Eliminate Jargon, Dords, and Idiotisms

• Streamline Your Message by Writing With SAS and Deleting Redundancies