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Marathon Sales Man: What to do When Your Sales Cycles are Long

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn how to gain progress when your sales cycle is naturally longer by understanding the customer buying process.

The long sales cycle presents unique challenges to salespeople. Understanding what makes this kind of sale unique lets salespeople avoid poor planning and weak strategies and helps them win more sales. With clear indicators of customer commitment, salespeople can be more sure that they are making progress. Join us for this informative ondemand course.


Mark Sellers, Breakthrough Sales Performance? LLC


Sales Cycle or Customer Buy Cycle? You Need to Know the Difference

The Definition of a Long Customer Buy Cycle

What Is Unique About Long Buy Cycles That Salespeople Must Consider When Setting Good Strategy?

Stakeholders and Their Role in the Customer Buying Process

Goals - Customer's, Not Yours and Why They're Key to Managing the Long Buying Cycle