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Best Practices of WINNING Team Selling

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Team selling occurs anytime there is more than one person on a sales interview. It can be a formal "dog-and-pony show" or a casual conversation. There are many advantages to team selling. However, the chances of making a fatal mistake in a team-selling situation increase exponentially with each additional team member.

This on-demand webinar will teach you exactly what a firm needs to know in order to dramatically increase its closing percentage in a team selling situation. Learn how to avoid those selling situations that are really not opportunities at all, but a hunting exposition by the buyer to get free information and beat up their existing service provider.

Leave knowing exactly how to create and execute the most optimum team selling scenario possible based on our best practices study of more than 1,000 professional service firms.


Allan S. Boress, CPA, FCPA, Allan S. Boress & Associates


Review the Advantages and Pratfalls of Team Selling

Create a Custom-Designed Presentation That the Client Wants to Buy

What to Do With RFP (Request for Proposal) Restrictions

How to Best Qualify the Client in Order to Determine If - and How - to Move Forward in the Sales Cycle

How to Create a Custom-Designed Questioning Strategy

Speak in Terms the Client Will Understand, Find Persuasive and That Gives You an Advantage Over the Competition

Package Your Product to Make the Value Most Obvious to the Buyer

Select the Correct Team Selling Members

How to Keep Control of the Sales Process in a Team Selling Situation

Closing the Sale for the Next Step in the Sales Process

Maximize Your Chances of Success in a Team Selling Situation

Keep the Team Selling Learning Process Alive

Increase Your Credibility in a Team Selling Situation

How to Answer Questions in Terms the Client Will Value and That Gives You an Advantage Over the Competition

The Ultimate Advantage to Committee and Large Meeting Sales Calls