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Capture The Mind, Heart and Voice of Your Customer

OnDemand Webinar (112 minutes)

Success in challenging times is more dependent than ever on understanding and delivering what customers want. Leaders agree that customer satisfaction and excellent service are keys to enterprise success. But ask any 10 employees what service means or who the customer is. You will witness chaos and confusion. If you prefer consensus, this on-demand webinar is for you. Get agreement on these basics and your goals for understanding, measuring and satisfying customers are suddenly simplified and magic happens.

Everyone knows there is no such thing as the customer, so there must be more than one voice to listen to. The voices are unlikely to be in harmony, what they say is often different than what they want and others are likely to hold you accountable for figuring all this out. Lucky for you, this webinar solves voice-of-customer problems with amazing clarity, in a simple, entertaining and robust manner not addressed elsewhere. The advanced but easy-to-apply concepts and tools are particularly well-suited to those engaged in knowledge and service work.

Your top-rated presenter and writer, Robin Lawton, uses humor, practical word formulas and new tools to create new insights into the unspoken minds of your customers.


Robin Lawton, International Management Technologies, Inc.


The Practices Most Often Used to Understand Customers

Why Surveys Fail and the Essential Keys to Success

The Four Dimensions of Excellence Customers Want Satisfied

The Specific Steps to Uncover Customer Priorities

Word Formulas You Didn't Learn in School, as Powerful as Mathematical Equations

How to Distinguish Performance, Perception and Outcome Expectations, and Why It Matters

How to Define Service and Knowledge Work as Concrete, Tangible and Measurable

The Three Roles a Customer Can Play, and Which Tends to Have Most Power

Cases of How This Methodology Has Resulted in Better Than 20-to-1 ROI