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Effective Phone Introductions: Avoid the Sound of a Dial Tone

OnDemand Webinar (69 minutes)

One of the most frustrating events to happen to a sales person is being hung up on during a phone conversation. Stephan Schiffman will illustrate ways in which you can overcome the most important objections, turn around the conversation with the most difficult person, and gain either the appointment or the sale.


Stephan Schiffman,, Inc.


How to Engage the Person

How to Lead and Create the Flow of the Conversation

How to Handle the Objections and Responses

How to Say Something Meaningful to the Person

How to Get to the Point and Close

The Philosophy of Calling

Why We Practice Interruptive Selling

How to Win Over the Person's Respect

When to Close

The Key Elements of Calling Anyone Anytime

and Anywhere