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When the Problem Extends Beyond the First Call

OnDemand Webinar (80 minutes)

The majority of customer dissatisfaction, center preventable cost and employee frustration all come from those issues not handled to completion on first contact. A second contact costs 10-20% in customer satisfaction and at least doubles your cost. This on-demand webinar will help you understand the causes of callbacks and second calls, how to prevent them via minor changes in your empowerment, response rules and information systems as well as how to equip your CSRs to shift channels to avoid telephone tag when subsequent contacts are necessary.

John Goodman of CCMC will provide you with a plan for identification of your biggest opportunities for reduction of second calls and for more efficient handling of second calls when they occur.


John Goodman, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting


Customer Behavior and Expectations for Service Transactions

Causes of Escalations, Repeat Calls and Callbacks

Cost Implications of Second Calls

Strategies for Prevention of Second Calls and Escalations

Getting Started - Strategy for Identifying Low Hanging Fruit and Quick Wins