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Best Practices for Utilizing Google® Calendar

OnDemand Webinar (82 minutes)

Are you using Google® Calendar™ to manage your time and resources? Google® Calendar™ is a powerful and flexible online scheduling tool that is built for collaboration and transparency. By viewing this OnDemand Webinar you will learn how to create meetings, events and appointments at the most ideal time for your attendees. You will also learn how to customize the way your co-workers see the events on your schedule and the times you are available to meet. By learning how Google® Calendar™ integrates with Gmail® you can easily create, respond to, and manage events right from your Gmail® inbox. If you are in charge of the schedule for your team, department or co-workers, this OnDemand Webinar will teach you how to correctly manage these secondary calendars. We will also review ways you can customize the look and feel of your calendar to fit your personal scheduling style.


Susan Cline, Trainer


Welcome and Introduction

Instructions for Using Audio Conference Tools

Google® Apps Platform

Key Benefits of Google® Calendar™

Google® Calendar™ and Browsers

Logging in to Google® Calendar™

Navigating the Google® Calendar™ Interface

• Elements of Google® Calendar™

• Switching Views

Creating Events

• Creating Event With Start and End Time

• Create A Repeating Event

• Create An All-Day Event

Editing Events

Inviting Guests to Events

• Adding Guests to Events

• Changing Guest Permissions

• Checking Guest Availability

Responding to Invitations

• Responding by Email

• Responding in Google® Calendar™

• Editing Responses

Modifying Existing Events

Deleting Events

Booking Rooms and Resources

Viewing Co-worker's Calendars

• Displaying Co-worker's Calendars

• Changing Colors

Sharing Your Calendar

• Sharing Permissions

• Adding and Removing People From Your Calendar

Secondary Calendars

• Creating a Secondary or Team Calendar

• Adding Events to a Secondary Calendar

• Sharing a Secondary Calendar

Integrating Google® Calendar™ With Gmail®


Time Zones and Date Formats

Printing Calendar and Agendas

Calendar Labs

Resources for Help