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How to Use Economic and Financial Forecasts Effectively

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Forecasting is an increasingly important tool in guiding corporate strategy, influencing production, inventory, purchasing, accounting, marketing, finance and acquisitions decisions. As a critical part of making informed business decisions, you need to know what constitutes a well-developed forecast and how to make effective use of it. During this OnDemand Webinar you will learn about various forecasting methods and their pros and cons. Focusing on the application and practical use of such techniques, rather than theoretical aspects, we will examine the characteristics of a sound company forecasting process and how to deliver credible results to senior management and investors. You will also learn about the role of forecasts in litigation. For example, a damages expert may rely on sales and revenue forecasts to estimate financial performance "but-for" the conduct challenged in litigation, or a particular forecast may be at the center of the litigation, such as a missed earnings forecast in a securities fraud case or financial forecasts in a valuation dispute.


James Rosberg, Ph.D., Analysis Group, Inc.
David W. Sosa, Ph.D., Analysis Group, Inc.


Characteristics of a Well-Functioning Forecasting Process

• Multiple Information Sources

• Negotiation, and Checks and Balances

• Historical Validation - Understanding Forecast Error

The Role of Econometric Modeling in Forecasting

• Basic and Advanced Forecasting Techniques

- Smoothing Techniques, Regression Models and the Advanced Time Series Models

- Strengths and Weaknesses

• Practical Applications

- Using a Forecasting Model That Fits Your Business and Fits Practical Constraints

- How to Communicate Forecasts to Management and Investors

Forecasting in Litigation

• Analyzing a Missed Forecast

• Comparing Alternate Forecast Methodologies

• Using a Forecast to Calculate Damages

• Presenting Testimony on Economic and Financial Forecasts at Trial