Seminar ID: 100776

You Are An Asset...Or Are You?

Presented By:
JoAnn Corley

The Human Sphere

You will Learn:

  • The top 10 qualities that boss’ value.
  • How to assess your value by seeing yourself as an asset.
  • How to boost your confidence
  • How to avoid undermining your value
  • Get a practical assessment outline called Your Valuation Sheet.

The new career mantra is, “Don’t just fulfill your job description, provide great value.” One way to achieve that is to be clear on the value you’re providing by first assessing yourself as an asset. In fact you need to start believing and seeing that you are one! Join us for a preview of our upcoming dynamic live webinar, “Become Your Boss' Most Valuable Asset” as we explore the concept of what it means to be an asset. Attend the preview entitled “You are an asset…or are you?” and get a head start on building and enhancing your value.