Seminar ID: 100279

Make Your Keyboard Dance: Shortcuts to Navigate Microsoft Word

Presented By:
Melanie Rae

Office Leverage

You will Learn:

  • Do you look at your co-worker and wonder why they are able to complete their Office projects so quickly?
  • Do you want to use Microsoft Office┬« more efficiently?
  • Do you want to learn shortcuts that may also be applied to Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook?
  • Do you want a quick way to commit the shortcuts to memory?
  • Do you want to sample a great resource that provides custom Microsoft Office training online?

Just like you learned the alphabet, you can string letters together to memorize a bowl of shortcut letters in 10 minutes. Ax-cv, Biqu, FGH, Nowps, Kzy, Jerl, and DTM. Make sense? They will once you review this brief 10-minute presentation. These groups of letters will have you opening and closing files, finding and formatting text, inserting hyperlinks and indenting paragraphs. After learning the tips in this webinar, your fingers may forget how to grasp a mouse.