Seminar ID: 100828

Evaluating Meeting & Event RFPs

Presented By:
Larissa J. Schultz

LJS Meeting Strategies

You will Learn:

  • An efficient way to review RFP responses and narrow down the options.
  • How to best evaluate and follow-up on the options based on the materials received.
  • The purpose and need of a thorough space evaluation and the steps required.

In this quick 10 minute preview of our upcoming live webinar, “Best Practices for Successful Event Planning,” we will review briefly a key aspect in the Event Planning process - Evaluating Request for Proposals (RFPs). Time management and organization are crucial in the successful review of RFPs. With the amount of RFPs received and required to be reviewed, this webinar will provide a streamlined approach on the best way to tackle the process - ensuring an efficient and diligent review of each RFP specific to the event and meeting needs.