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Evaluating Meeting & Event RFPs

April 28, 2014

In this quick 10 minute preview of our upcoming live webinar, “Best Practices for Successful Event Planning,” we will review briefly a key aspect in the Event Planning process - Evaluating Request for Proposals (RFPs). Time management and organization are crucial in the successful review of RFPs. With the amount of RFPs received and required to be reviewed, this webinar will provide a streamlined approach on the best way to tackle the process - ensuring an efficient and diligent review of each RFP specific to the event and meeting needs.

You Are An Asset...Or Are You?

March 10, 2014

The new career mantra is, “Don’t just fulfill your job description, provide great value.” One way to achieve that is to be clear on the value you’re providing by first assessing yourself as an asset. In fact you need to start believing and seeing that you are one! Join us for a preview of our upcoming dynamic live webinar, “Become Your Boss' Most Valuable Asset” as we explore the concept of what it means to be an asset. Attend the preview entitled “You are an asset…or are you?” and get a head start on building and enhancing your value.

Responding to Difficult People

December 1, 2013

In this 10 minute segment we will look at one aspect of difficult situations we DO have control of – our ability to respond! We will review Emotional Intelligence and how to avoid taking others’ actions and words personally – even when they mean it that way. We will also explore the balance of assertiveness in challenging situations. Please join me in exploring this challenging topic in a new light.

Advanced Minute Taking

October 7, 2013

This 10 minute segment taken from our full OnDemand Webinar, will assist you in preparing a meeting agenda and template to record minutes. In order to properly record the activities that take place during a meeting, you must first prepare an outline of the topics that will be discussed during the meeting – an agenda. This consists of the date, time and location of the meeting listed at the top of the page, followed with items that will be discussed and/or voted on during the meeting. Next, you will prepare a template to record the topics discussed during the meeting, follow along in the order of the meeting agenda and a brief summary of the results of the discussion, any action taken e.g. if someone was assigned a task and the deadline for completion and any votes or motions taken specific to the agenda items.

Gatekeeping Strategies for Administrative Professionals

April 25, 2013

With hundreds of stakeholders vying for your boss’s valuable time, how can you determine who will get in? Salespeople are getting smarter and sneakier in their methods to get a piece of that time. In this quick preview of our full OnDemand Webinar, “Gatekeeping Strategies for Administrative Professionals”, we will help you polish your gatekeeping skills, which will in turn make the day for both you and your boss more effective. We will examine some of the tricks people use to get past security, the receptionist and you. We will also look at maintaining positive relationships with both internal and external people when they don’t get the time they feel they deserve with the boss. This 10 minute webinar is designed to help administrative professionals learn how to strengthen the relationship with their boss so there is never a question as to who was allowed in.

Ditch the Office - Become a Virtual Assistant

October 25, 2012

Many women (and men) today are seeking opportunities to work from home and with so many internet scams it can be hard to decipher what is and isn’t a legitimate opportunity. The Virtual Assistant industry is not only a very legitimate business opportunity, but it is also a very viable and quickly growing industry. This 10-minute webinar will answer your questions about the Virtual Assistant industry as well as provide you with some solid advice for how you can get started today to build your own home-based business.

Make Your Keyboard Dance: Shortcuts to Navigate Microsoft Word

July 13, 2012

Just like you learned the alphabet, you can string letters together to memorize a bowl of shortcut letters in 10 minutes. Ax-cv, Biqu, FGH, Nowps, Kzy, Jerl, and DTM. Make sense? They will once you review this brief 10-minute presentation. These groups of letters will have you opening and closing files, finding and formatting text, inserting hyperlinks and indenting paragraphs. After learning the tips in this webinar, your fingers may forget how to grasp a mouse.

Using Excel's Text Functions

July 12, 2012

A number of powerful Excel functions are categorized as Text functions and to the uninitiated Excel user, they are easily overlooked. Many of them provide quick, easy ways to control both the structure and appearance of worksheet data. Cleaning up your data is a prerequisite for efficient data analysis, and without these functions, you would be hard-pressed to accomplish these tasks. This 10-minute webinar gives you a quick look at how to use a few of these powerful functions.