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Become Your Boss' Most Valuable Asset

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Do you sometimes feel out-of-sync with your boss and want to increase the value of your relationship so that it is more positive, more productive, more efficient, and more effective? Let's face it. There are two types of people in the workplace: those who survive and those who thrive. Survivors are often underutilized--their real value overlooked and even ignored. In contrast, thrivers are their boss' most valuable asset. They master the art of the boss/employee partnership, and their value is appreciated and rewarded. If you want to thrive in your demanding career, you need easy-to-implement techniques to increase your value to your boss, your organization and yourself.
Discover how to identify and inventory your tangible and intangible skills to better align yourself with your boss' to cultivate a positive partnership.
Learn the seven communication and processing styles and which ones your boss uses most.
Communication do's and don'ts to avoid a misunderstanding.
Facilitate productive work-place conversations between you and your boss.
A clear roadmap to build that ideal working partnership that will allow you and your boss to perform efficiently and effectively.
Incorporate up-to-date technology to increase your productivity and decrease your stress.
This topic will explain those techniques and more in five easy steps (A.S.S.E.T.). Finally you can banish that out-of-sync feeling, build a solid partnership with your boss, and become your boss' most valuable asset.


Dr. Angela D. Massey, Life On Purpose LLC

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