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Winning Strategies to Decrease Costs and Retain Clients - Even the Most Difficult

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Learn the value of implementing outstanding customer service and find new ways to cut costs in the process.We are in a service-based economy and it is always surprising to see the lack of savvy of certain vendors. These are not the times to avoid the most important asset to any business. After all, the purpose for being in business is the acquisition and retention of customers.
It is fairly ironic that in numerous conversations, organizations typically have a similar excuse for not being attentive to customer service: lack of time, lack of focus, and a lack of knowledge. However, dismissing the issue only brings about revenue concerns. Boosting attention towards customers actually leads to less labor and higher productivity even in the smallest of organizations.

The reason that customer service is so vital to every organization includes the following:
- Less Cost - As current clients tell existing customers of your products and services, they become marketing avatars through buzz marketing. Costs decrease due to a lack of need for advertising.
- Increased Productivity - Content customers stem from a cooperative workforce culture. A cooperative culture leads to higher workforce productivity.
- Less Labor - The increased use of social media and the Internet enable (content) cus-tomers to quickly connect with others that might be interested in your services. Customers do the work for your organization.

This exciting information will provide you with ALL the tools and ALL the resources to help you increase customer retention in less than 30 days.


Drew Stevens, Ph.D., Stevens Consulting Group

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