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Spruce Presentations With Microsoft SmartArt®

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Copyright 2016
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Ditch the drab. Hold attendees' attention and boost engagement with visually appealing presentations. Have you ever observed a speaker deliver a presentation that displays one boring bullet slide after another? How about a slide that contains an entire paragraph of text? I have many times....and when I do, I see a teachable moment. First, the presenter probably isn't familiar with Microsoft®'s recommended guidelines for an effective presentation and second, he/she may not know how to incorporate other features like SmartArt graphics and Speaker Notes. After learning this information, you will create and deliver effective presentations that adhere to Microsoft®'s recommended guidelines. You will include SmartArt graphics that clearly illustrate similarities, differences, and relationships between concepts, ideas, and categories. You will use the Slide Master to apply consistent changes to your entire presentation quickly and efficiently. You will incorporate Animation techniques that strategically display text and objects at just the right time, use Slide Show tools to capture your audiences' attention when necessary, and quickly navigate to specific slides to elaborate on participant questions and feedback.


Patricia J. Luchsinger, Professional Educators