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Microsoft® Excel® in Ontario

Immediate online access to this 36 page manual.
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Need an Excel® productivity boost?

You can now learn simple tricks and understand new features that will make you instantly more proficient using Excel®! Most Excel® users are underutilizing this software. Start using the full power of Excel®, and learn cool Excel® tips that will make you the "go-to" person in your office! Purchase these reference materials today and get the information to make you a power user of Excel®. Get an immediate return on your investment as you learn powerful and efficient ways to save you hours every week.

Benefits for You
•Get reporting shortcuts with the use of pivot tables and PowerPivot
•Understand spreadsheet risk and how to minimize the risks
•Explore Excel Add-Ins that will make your usage of Excel® even more powerful and efficient
•Add both functionality and visual-appeal to your charts with simple formatting techniques
•Learn the fundamentals of professional spreadsheet design
•Learn Excel's® most powerful but least understood functions


Tom Scott, Jerts Consulting & Services