Tips and Techniques for Improving Memory Skills

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August 16, 2013 — 2,701 views  
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Our memory is one of the defining aspects of our professional and personal characteristics. A good memory will be of significant help in our overall lifestyle and will certainly make a lot of aspects of our lives run in a smoother fashion. An individual’s memory plays an important role in the activities and tasks taken up on a daily basis. This article explores the various methods of improving one’s memory so as to allow it to be a boon to the individual’s lifestyle, rather than a hindrance.

Effects of Bad Memory Power  

Networking is a huge part of any professional profile.  Having a good memory will help you keep track of names, organizations, important tasks to be accomplished, phone numbers and many more aspects that will help improve your overall efficiency. Having a bad memory can significantly affect you as you may tend to forget important meetings, names of people you need to connect with, as well as solutions to problems that may creep up over the course of a regular workday.

However, one of the biggest problems with having a poor memory is the toll that it takes on your ego and self-image. Self-respect is a very important characteristic of our individuality and becoming conscious about the fact that you suffer from a poor memory will damage your overall confidence.

Ways of Improving Memory Skills 

Because our memory is such an important part of our persona, it is important to keep it intact. There are a number of memory improvement techniques that you could take advantage of to help improve your memory.

‘Mnemonics’ is another name for memory tools that can help you boost your prowess. For instance, visualization and association is a technique that many people use on a daily basis. Try to associate the task or name with a word that is very familiar to you to help you remember the task when you come across the key word.

The importance of paying attention when information is being shared with you can never be over emphasized. Having a great memory will definitely not help if you haven’t heard the information in the first place. When it comes to numbers (such as in the case with phone numbers or credit card number) a very commonly used and effective technique is ‘chunking’. This technique requires you to break down long sets of numbers into groups of three - thereby requiring you to remember only a few sets of three digits each instead of a single 10-digit number sequence.

There are many techniques available through a number of sources that will help boost your brainpower and, in turn boost your memory. However, it is also important to understand that there are a number of other factors at play when it comes to determining the potency of your memory. For instance, if you are suffering from some kind of emotional depression; talking to someone is the best way to unblock the problem and help keep your mind free. This will help in relaxing your mind and increasing your brain’s processing power. 

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