Methods for Boosting Focus and Concentration

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August 7, 2013 — 2,021 views  
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Our state of mind at our workplace is a key aspect of our ability to perform our daily tasks to the best of our ability. Learning how to master your mind can be of significant help on a daily basis. While some people are praised highly for their ability to remain focused on a particular task, many people are unaware of how to develop their concentration so that they may count it among their strengths. 

Tips for Improving Focus and Concentration

Continuous personal improvement is a must for everyone. While having obvious benefits in your professional life, you will be amazed at the amount it helps improve your personal life as well. There are a number of exercises and easy tips that professionals all over the world use to help increase their focus and concentration.

The ‘Five More Rule’ is one of the commonly and successfully used rules around the globe. The primary basis of the ‘Five More Rule’ is to push yourself to allocate five more minutes or solve five more aspects of the task you are trying to accomplish - at the time when you are deciding to give up. Think of how a professional athlete trains him or herself. In order to build and increase their stamina, they push themselves a little past the point of exhaustion on each occasion. The ‘Five More Rule’ helps increase your tolerance for frustration with the exact same principle.

Another problem that a number of people experience is getting distracted while trying to accomplish a task. This causes a loss of focus – taking an individual a longer period of time to complete a single task. It is essential to program your brain to avoid thinking about something completely unrelated while trying to accomplish a certain task.

Simple Exercises for Better Concentration

There are also a number of concentration exercises that you could perform to help condition your mind to focus better. For instance, simply sitting in front of a candle and concentrating on nothing but the flame for about 10 minutes will help you enhance your power of concentration. Another simple, but effective, task to perform is to count backwards from 100 to 1. While this may sound very simple, you will be surprised by the amount of focus and concentration that is required to pull this off!

Mathematical calculations require the brain to be focused in order to arrive at the right solution. Make it a point to play mathematical games in your mind when you aren’t doing anything important. Doing this on a regular basis will help increase the focusing power of your brain, helping you concentrate better on the task at hand. While working on a project, look for ways to increase your surrounding environment’s ability to help you focus better. For instance, make sure the furniture you are sitting on is comfortable, yet not so comfortable that you want to fall off to sleep. The lighting, color of your surroundings, and even noise levels in the area you work, all play a role in your ability to focus and concentrate. 

All in all, there are a number of external, as well as internal aspects of being able to increase your ability to focus. Make it a point to try and push your limits to condition your brain to focus better on a daily basis.

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