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July 16, 2013 — 1,949 views  
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Business professionals need to be well connected with their office and the world. Of course, technological innovations in the form of smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops have made work much simpler and easier for them. These gadgets have given professionals the freedom to work from any corner of the world. They don’t have to stick to a certain system in the office to complete their work or to keep track of important projects--They are just an app away from their work.

Useful Apps

Different applications available on mobile phones and Smartphones have changed the typical way of working. If you have an important project to complete but cannot make it to the office for certain reasons, you can still submit your files. The Smartphone and mobile market is flooded with applications that enable efficient and smarter use of time. These applications not only simplify the work process but also save a lot of time for professionals. Not to forget the convenience they provide. If you are a business professional who is always on the go, here are some apps that you should definitely try:

  • Evernote

This app is very useful for taking notes and retrieving information. You can use Evernote to sort and file all your scattered pieces of information. The best part is that these pieces don’t necessarily have to be in the text format. They can even be voice recordings or images. This app is user friendly and can be downloaded free of cost. You can also synchronize your Evernote and desktop notes. It has web clipper option. Another app that works on almost the same lines is Springpad.

  • DocuSign Ink

This app is not just easy to use but is also environment friendly. Business professionals very well know how often they need to sign papers. To sign papers, the papers need to actually be printed first. What if you could still sign all your documents without actually wasting paper by printing it? Well, you can do exactly that with DocuSign Ink. This app allows you to access, upload, and even sign documents.

  • Mint

This app allows you to keep a track of your financial transactions. You can find information about all your deductions, bank accounts, transactions, savings, and investments. Not just that, it also warns you about your bill payments that are due while giving you some money saving tips.

  • Kayak Flights

If you travel frequently, Kayak Flights will help you find the cheapest flights. It will save you all the hassles of booking flight tickets. This app is simple and user friendly.

  • Dropbox

This free app allows you to access all your videos, documents, photos, and everything else you need. The best part is you can access them from anywhere.

  • TripIt

TripIt is another app useful for all professionals who travel often. This app allows you to confirm your flights, make hotel reservations, car rentals, and much more. It creates a detailed itinerary just for you by storing all your information related to reservation, and highlights it in a color coded format.

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