Dress for Success: What You Wear Says a Lot about You

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July 11, 2013 — 7,354 views  
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You represent your company when you are in the office. So your appearance is bound to have a major influence on the image of your company. Every company has its specific way of operating. While some companies require the employees to look fashionable, some strictly need a professional appearance. A lot of companies have their own set of dress code guidelines for their employees. In case your company has not established a dress code, here are some points that you need to keep in mind while setting a dress code for your company.

General Guidelines

Though every organization has some flexible dress code guidelines, there are certain rules that employees need to follow to dress appropriately at their workplace. A common dress code for companies is a suit. It is appropriate for both men and women. You can also wear jackets with pants. Women can wear skirts and jackets or even formal dresses paired with suitable accessories.

Women love to dress up. But your workplace may not be the best place to flaunt your latest tank tops and short skirts. Any sort of clothing that reveals your cleavage, chest, back, stomach, feet, or innerwear should be avoided. Also, employees should ensure they wear clothes that are neatly ironed. Your formal clothes should never be wrinkled. You cannot wear dirty, frayed, or torn clothes to the office. Clothes with wordings, pictures, or terms are fine as long as they do not offend anyone in the workplace.

Creating a Professional Look

Dressing up for the office is a lot easier if you follow the general guidelines. Both men and women can wear pants made of cotton, wool, or any synthetic materials. What you cannot wear are pants or slacks that are too informal like sweatpants or jeans; Jeans depending on your workplace. Women can wear knee length skirts and dresses. Anything too short is good for your weekend outings, but not for the office.

Appropriate footwear for office includes loafers, flats, boots, oxfords, and even dress heels. Ensure that you wear socks or stockings. You cannot go to the office wearing flip flops, tennis shoes, and slippers.

Just because you are working does not mean you have to look boring. You can certainly pep up your formal look with appropriate accessories. Professional ties, belts, jewelry, and scarves are perfectly fine for the office environment. If you have any body piercings, try to cover them up smartly. Also, colored hair is fine as long as the color is not too unnatural or bold.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

  • Wear well fitting tops. Just because you are not supposed to wear anything too trendy to office does not mean you wear ill-fitting clothes. Well fitting clothes will help you show your feminine figure while looking professional.
  • Avoid anything sexy whether they are tops, dresses, skirts, or shoes.
  • Keep your make-up natural and minimum.
  • Don’t wear sparkly jewelry or too many accessories.
  • Carry a neat and well groomed look.

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