Gatekeeping Strategies for Administrative Professionals

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March 4, 2013 — 2,984 views  
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Gatekeeping is a fundamental requirement for every company. Gatekeepers must have the right skills to handle visitors. There are several hundred stakeholders who want to have at least a minute of your boss’ time, and gatekeepers are delegated with the duty of determining who gets in and who stays out. Salespersons are becoming increasingly sneaky and smart in efforts to get some of that valuable time with the boss. With proper education and training on gatekeeping practices, it is easy to perform the job and strengthen your relationship with the boss.

Make Visitors Feel Valued

Gatekeeping professionals encounter hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. While some may approach you having already acquired permission to meet the management, others may ask you to allow them in for a quick word with your boss. Regardless of whether or not the person is given permission to enter, it is essential that you make them feel valued. Visitors who cannot enter the office will get the wrong impression about the company if a gatekeeping professional does not speak in an appropriate tone. It is very important that you speak in a polite manner even if you’re refusing to allow someone from entering the office space.

Proactively Resolving Problems

At times, visitors can be very demanding. For instance, some visitors come to the company with the intention of meeting your boss and make sure that they get their way. Such individuals can be a major problem to deal with. Call a member of the management and find out if the visitor was expected. You must ensure that you’re conversing politely at all times. Do not raise your tone even if the visitor yells at you or verbally abuses you. If the staff says that the visitor has no business with them, you must ask him/her to leave the campus immediately. If you have been abused, the same must be reported to your boss. Problems such as these occur occasionally and must be dealt with in the right manner.

Confidential Handling of Documents and Phone Calls

Gatekeeping professionals are entrusted with handling documents and phone calls. The documents must be kept confidential if your boss requires it. Similarly, phone calls must be attended to in a quiet and diligent manner. Handling them carelessly risks the leak of confidential information, and that is unacceptable to any employer.

Increasing Effectiveness

Gatekeeping professionals must not only be efficient, but also effective. All the tasks delegated to you must be carried out properly. It is also important to limit interruptions when it comes to your boss. Your employer needs his/her space and does not need to be approached for every little issue. You must learn how to minimize your interactions with the boss and maximize productivity instead. By carrying out your duties to good effect, you will enhance your relationship with your boss, which will in turn make your working day an enjoyable one.

Gatekeeping skills must be effective as it is one of the most important departments of a company. The security of those inside the office will also depend upon gatekeeping professionals, thereby making it a crucial job.    

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