Process Improvement Strategies to Increase Work Productivity and Efficiency

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February 18, 2013 — 3,997 views  
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Process improvement strategies can be defined as techniques that help organizations improve the efficiency of their employees. There are many sections in an organization that can be bettered using such strategies, for instance cost, quality, speed, compliance, and safety. In order to develop these areas, the company needs to conduct some activities so as to increase the efficiency of its employees.

Recognizing Problem Areas through Various Process Improvement Strategies


Benchmarking is one technique through which an organization can improve the efficiency of its employees. It is a process in which the company compares its business processes and performance metrics with those of the most successful companies in the market. In most cases, features such as quality, time, and cost are compared during this process. Such a comparison gives the organization a fair idea about their standing in the market. It also helps them in understanding the key areas that they need to work on. So with the help of benchmarking, an organization can make its employees focus on their weak areas.

Process Redesigning

Process redesigning is another way through which a company can improve its efficiency and productivity. Under process redesigning, the company first needs to review all its processes and then narrow down on the process that needs the most amount of attention, for instance, it can be the production process or the marketing process that requires a lot of attention. Once the company has recognized its weak areas, it needs to focus on making amends to it. In order to make useful changes, the company needs to study the set-up of successful organizations, and can incorporate their policies as well. Some of the common strategies that can be adopted while process redesigning are time management, work planning, and improved feedback sessions.

Implementing Changes through Process Improvement Strategies

Time Management

There are certain standard techniques that can be used to implement the changes that process improvement strategies propose. Time management is one such technique. No matter how critical an issue is, it can be dealt with effective time management. Most processes that need to be improved should be split up into realistic goals. Setting realistic goals will help an organization better its efficiency and will help it gradually increase the productivity as well.

Organizing Tasks

Process improvement is dependent on excellent organizational skills. In order to improve a process, the company needs to organize it in a well-planned manner. For instance, if the company wants to improve its production process, it needs to analyze the problems in the process first. Once the problems have been identified, they need to be placed in a priority list. On the basis of the priority list, the company can organize its operations to deal with the most vital problem first, and then move in a descending progression. This will help the company cope up with its problems in an efficient way, and in the long run it will help raise its productivity level as well.

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